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    Gonzalo Palma,  a designer born in Lima, Peru, expresses his talent through the creation of distinctive jewelry, and beautiful, high quality objects of everyday use. Attention to detail and impeccable work ethic are characteristic of his delivery. Intelligence, curiosity, and creativity define Palma.  His effortless and graceful designs coupled, with an alluring elegance turns the visual experience into a startling pleasure.  The lines are deceptively simple; the artful play with light and volume hides a deep complexity that titillates the eye and the imagination. His genius in design is the melding of opposing elements: the fluidity of water and the solidity of rock. This attitude towards art puts him, as a designer, at the forefront of his generation.

    Gonzalo Palma designs for the modern woman, the one who is daring and sophisticated, the one who wants it all, and achieves it with a smile and tremendous flair. She is triumphant. She is gentle. She is daring, inimitable and courageous. Whether in gold or silver, she goes for intrepid designs that show her personality.