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    News — Perfect engagement rings

    Is bigger always better?

    Yeah... we don't think so either. If there are still any doubts, our Engagement Ring Collection will certainly change your mind. 

    Women sometimes get caught up in the false belief that size is the only thing that matters. Men also feel the pressure when it comes to delivering their significant other with the biggest rock their bank account can afford. But we have a different philosophy at Gonzalo Palma Store.

    We believe in balance. We strive to find that perfect equilibrium between not only size and material but also color and your daily style. Everyone is looking for that ring that seamlessly matches with every outfit and any environment. The perfect engagement ring.

    We are all unique and you deserve to have an engagement ring that when people see it they will say, "that's so YOU!"

    When Palma was in the process of designing this collection he was inspired to break the typical mold and produce something truly exceptional and versatile. He has created engagement rings that you will never get tired of wearing and that will always transport you back to that magical moment when you first received it.

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